Indian Nachos Chicken Tikka Masala with Chutney and Corn

5 Great Indian Nachos Recipes

Indian style nachos, a twist on nachos, with Indian spices and ingredients creating a flavorful snack with vegetables, and a variety of chutneys

Indian-style nachos are a delicious twist on traditional Tex-Mex nachos, offering a unique and flavorful snack that’s perfect for any occasion. This variation of nachos incorporates a variety of Indian spices and ingredients, resulting in a dish that’s bursting with bold flavors and textures.

To create Indian-style nachos, a base of crispy tortilla chips is typically topped with melted cheese, spiced vegetables, and a variety of chutneys and sauces. Popular ingredients used in Indian-style nachos include chicken tikka, chaat masala, mint and cilantro chutneys, and pickled onions.

The addition of chicken tikka, a popular Indian street food made with spiced chicken cooked in a tandoor oven, adds a delicious and savory element to the dish. The chaat masala, a blend of spices that includes cumin, coriander, and amchur powder, adds a tangy and slightly sour flavor to the mix. The mint and cilantro chutneys, made with fresh herbs and spices, add a bright and fresh taste to the dish, while the pickled onions add a sharp and tangy crunch.

Overall, Indian-style nachos offer a unique and delicious fusion of classic nachos and bold Indian flavors. Whether you’re looking for a snack to enjoy with friends or a fun and flavorful appetizer to serve at your next party, Indian-style nachos are sure to be a hit. So why not try something new and add a little spice to your next snack time?

5 Wonderful India-style Nachos to Try:

Vegetarian Indian Nachos: Indo-Mexican Vegetarian Nachos blend Nachos and Indian Chaats, creating a delicious appetizer that’s crunchy, cheesy, spicy and tangy. Tortilla chips are topped with black beans, potato and chaat masala, jalapeno, and grated cheese. After baking, the nachos are finished with homemade salsa and assorted Indian chutneys, making it a fun and flavorful vegetarian party appetizer. RECIPES

Indian-Style Nachos with Tamarind Chutney: These delicious Indian-inspired nachos feature warm spices and tangy tamarind chutney for a flavorful twist on traditional nachos. Top crispy tortilla chips with a filling of spiced vegetables and your choice of protein, such as paneer or chickpeas, and add a blend of cumin, coriander, and turmeric to give it a unique flavor. The tamarind chutney, a key ingredient, adds a tangy and sweet taste that pairs perfectly with the spiced vegetables and cheese. You can easily substitute a prepared version of the chutney from an Indian grocery store to save time. This dish is a fun and flavorful addition to any party or gathering. RECIPE

Indian-ish Nachos with Cheddar and Black Beans: These nachos are a delicious and fun crowd-pleaser. With a more complex flavor profile than traditional nachos, the combination of maple syrup, coriander chutney, and lime juice creates a hint of sweetness and a fresh taste, while the blue corn chips add a satisfying crunch. Black beans and cheese make for a satisfying and filling dish that’s sure to make people feel happy and excited. RECIPE

Chaat-style Indian Nachos: Experience the perfect mix of American cheesy nachos and bright Indian flavors with this crunchy and saucy vegetarian appetizer – Indian Nachos Chaat. With elements of crunch from airy puffed rice, crispy hollow puris, or the crunchy outer shell of a samosa, and vibrant chutneys like cilantro-mint and tamarind-date, this dish is a true fusion of flavors. Enjoy the saucy and tangy taste of the chutneys that perfectly complement the cheesy nachos, making it a must-try appetizer for any occasion. RECIPE

Chatpata Loaded Nachos: Indulge in the irresistible flavors of Indian-style Chatpata Loaded Nachos, which feature a cheesy-gooey texture with the goodness of crispy vegetables and flavorful spices. Drawing inspiration from Indian chaat, these nachos boast a spicy masala and tangy chutneys that take this beloved classic to the next level. Whether it’s a lazy evening snack or a light meal, these nachos are a must-have. With layers of spicy potatoes, veggies, and chickpeas, this fusion dish is a perfect blend of textures and flavors, making it a delicious treat for any occasion. RECIPE

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