Ideas for Gourmet Memorial Day Cookouts

Start Dazzling at Your Backyard Cookouts and Barbecues

Memorial Day propels us into the summer season and its delightful cookout culture. We joyfully gather with loved ones, savoring backyard barbecues filled with delectable burgers, juicy hotdogs, smoky barbecue chicken, golden grilled corn, and refreshing cocktails under the comforting sun’s glow. The scent of grilled goodies on charcoal permeates the country, as familiar as summer itself.

As we fire up the grill, pour drinks, laugh together, and appreciate occasional firework displays, we take a moment to honor our freedom fighters, staying true to the essence of Memorial Day. As we circle the sun once more, summer beckons us to upgrade our cookout fare. We can’t just grill burger patties and hotdogs; life is too short for ordinary barbecues. This year, and in those to come, let’s inject our cookouts with more panache and palate-pleasing flavors. We’ve handpicked some superb recipes to enhance your burgers, spice up your chicken, and wow with extraordinary sides. Now is the time to metamorphose your backyard barbecue into a banquet of unforgettable tastes and memories.

To invigorate your next backyard cookout, explore these fantastic ideas and recipes:

More than a Burger!
Burgers and cheeseburgers hold a special place in the global culinary scene for their versatility, tastiness, and shared enjoyment. Whether it’s a Swiss burger, packed with the earthy goodness of Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and caramelized onions, or a more daring twist with kimchi or tzatziki sauce, burger possibilities are endless. The multisensory experience of sizzling patties and melting cheese makes these dishes a worldwide favorite. Moreover, our recipes offer a multitude of choices, including a blue cheese burger, chili burger, BBQ bacon burger, and many more, each providing a unique and tantalizing gastronomic journey. Have a look at our 10 Burgers to try, 5 Gourmet Burgers and 12 best burger toppings to impress at your grill-out.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!
BBQ chicken, perfectly grilled, is a staple at any summer get-together, from Memorial Day celebrations to casual cookouts. To prepare the best BBQ chicken, coat your chicken generously with your favorite BBQ sauce or rub, grill it on medium heat for about 5-7 minutes on each side. For added flavor and a sticky glaze, baste it with more BBQ sauce post-cooking. A meat thermometer can assist in achieving a safe internal temperature of 165°F without overcooking. Lastly, venture into our variety of BBQ chicken recipes that range from simple and sweet to bold and smoky, to Hawaiian and Mexican-inspired dishes. Discover our 5 great BBQ chicken recipes.

Sides Make the Meal!
Even though main dishes often steal the spotlight, the side dishes are equally crucial to creating a well-rounded and memorable meal. Consider coleslaw, potato salad, grilled vegetables, baked beans, corn on the cob, pasta salad, watermelon, deviled eggs, caprese salad, and guacamole with chips for your next cookout. Each provides a unique flavor and texture combination that can elevate your BBQ and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Check out our 10 Great Backyard Sides!

Summer Cocktail Delights!
Classic summer cocktails like the Mojito, Margarita, Aperol Spritz, Pina Colada, and Red Sangria encapsulate the season’s essence. Each presents a unique flavor fusion that brings to mind sun-soaked beaches and tranquil sunsets. The Mojito blends mint and lime with rum for a refreshing sip, while the Margarita mixes tequila with lime and orange liqueur, transporting you to a beachside cabana. See our 5 Great Summer Cocktail Recipes

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